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Welcome to Falcon Training

As a student, finding the right training course is crucial if you want to combine both academic achievement with hands-on practical learning. At Falcon, our expert teaching is firmly grounded in the real world of accountancy; we don’t only make use of the latest technology but we mix it with just enough down-to-earth and realistic tuition to make our students absolutely career-ready and able to hit the ground running.

Real-life accounting:

By the time you have completed your training with us, you will have been adequately coached in your chosen area of accounting, including software-based training. As an IAB Approved Training and Examination Centre we provide realistic and supportive tuition that is based upon real-life experiences and problems as well as classroom observation. Our students remember what it was like to be a student and are always working in such a way that the course material delivered will impact powerfully upon your career.

Choose your method:

Whatever your current position or status, you can choose a teaching method to suit; face-to-face, online or even distance learning, with our workshops cover everything from the basics upwards.

Contact us now, sign up and benefit from best-in-class accountancy training from Falcon.

Flexible study option

Popular Courses

Xero-Beatiful-Accounting-Software-300x101 Home

We are Xero Training experts. Our Xero certified advisers would train you and make you expertise with the necessary skills to manage the finances of a small to medium business using the world’s most beautiful accounting software.

2 days training

  Classroom, Online

auto-enroment-300x84 Home

This course will take you through the auto enrolment process and provide you with a working knowledge of the National Employment Savings Trust (Nest).

1 Day Training


home-img-300x130 Home

Our interactive Careers Club offers complete career tools, exercises, CV writing and Interview techniques. Our mock interview session will help you apply your qualification to your career and achieve your professional goals.

1 Day Training


sage50training-300x203 Home

This course caters individuals who are new to bookkeeping and accounting and are willing to polish up their skills in Sage. This course is designed to cover level 1-3 of Stage 50 Computerised Accounting.

6 weeks training

  Classroom, Online & Distance

Graphic-design-300x176 Home

Working through a series of creative exercises that focus on the basic design principles in Graphic Design, you will create exciting visual solutions by learning to take risks and push your ideas forward.

6 weeks training

  Classroom, Online

All-in-one-accounting-300x192 Home

This course aims to provide comprehensive knowledge in the field of accounting, payroll and taxation. This course is designed to provide ease to individuals who are willing to gain insights of organisations.

12 weeks training

  Classroom, Online

income-tax-491626_1920-300x200 Home

This comprehensive course is structured for individuals who aims to master rules and ethics of taxation in accounting field. The course aims to cover each aspect of taxation and accounting from basic to advance level.

8 weeks training

  Classroom, Online

Pension-1-300x300 Home

Payroll and pension training programme is designed to provide focused approach to pension fund management. Enrolled candidates will gain extensive knowledge of industry’s leading software including Sage Payroll, Sage 50 Payroll.

2 weeks training

  Classroom, Online

Choose a Course

IAB Courses

  •    Level 1 Award in Computerised Bookkeeping 601/9050/4
  •    Level 2 Certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping 601/9052/8
  •    Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Payroll Administration 601/9048/6
  •    Level 1 Award in Computerised Payroll 601/9040/1
  •    Level 2 Award in Computerised Payroll 601/9041/3

Software Training

  •    Sage 50 Accounts
  •    Sage 50 Accounts Level 1
  •    Sage 50 Accounts Training Level 2
  •    Sage 50 Accounts Training Level 3
  •    Sage 50 Accounts all in one course (Job Placement)
  •    Sage 50 Accounts First Track
  •    Sage Payroll
  •    Sage Payroll Training Level 1
  •    Sage Payroll Training Level 2
  •    Sage Payroll Training Level 3
  •    Sage Payroll all in one course

Practical Accountancy

  •    Advanced Excel Training
  •    VAT Training
  •    Personal Tax Training
  •    Company Accounting & Tax Training
  •    All in one accounting with work placement
  •    All in one taxation with work placement
  •    Payroll and Pension Training

Web Development & Photoshop

Student Reviews

Talia-Pictures-1 HomeTaila
I have enrolled for all in one accounting training with falcon, the best thing I like about their online live classes, you will never feel that you are alone online, it is the same feeling like i am sitting in the classroom. Very thorough explanation. Really understandable.
George-Picture HomeGeorge
Recently finished my Xero training from Falcon. Now I am working on Xero with one of the company and I am so confident to use this software that I didn't need any training at my work.
Naz HomeNaz
I have completed my All Accounting Training from Falcon. They really help me throughout my Training course. They provide you very good study materials, which were very useful. Thank you
Alison HomeAlison
I have completed my Payroll & Pension Training from Falcon and I have started working as a payroll administrator and I am so confident at my work to prove I am enough qualified to take on this responsibility. Thank you Falcon.
Roy HomeRoy
Since doing my course with Falcon, I have gained so much knowledge, a better understanding of how to work at professional level, more confidence and I'm on my way to gaining a certificate in total accounting training.

Get Free tablet, A complimentary NUS Extra Card & many more

  •    Free tablet.
  •    NUS Extra Card with typical annual savings of £500.
  •    Free CV writing & Interview techniques with mock interview session.

Receive a free mobile tablet and a complimentary NUS Extra Card, when you enrol with Falcon Training.

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