•   This course will take you through the auto enrolment process and provide you with a working knowledge of the National Employment Savings Trust (Nest). It will also take you through key dates and strategies to ensure that your clients are ready to auto enrol their employees into a suitable pension scheme by their scheduled staging date.

   Who is it for?

  •    This course will be benefit to all those wishing to gain the skills to advise and assist clients on the automatic enrolment obligations. This course is also ideal for those who are currently working in payroll, HR or finance.

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   Course Syllabus :

  •   Overview of automatic enrolment.
  •   Auto enrolment employee categories.
  •   Qualifying earning.
  •   Pension Schemes.
  •   Seven steps to automatic enrolment process.
  •   Know your staging date.
  •   Assess your workforce.
  •   Review and select automatic enrolment pension scheme.
  •   Communicate to all employees.
  •   Automatically enrol your eligible job holders.
  •   Register with TPR pension regulator.
  •   Contribute to your workers pensions.
  •   Opt in, opt out and postponements.
  •   Communication methods.
  •   Penalties for non- compliance.

   Class Duration :

  •   1 Day Course.

   Study Option :

   Classroom Based  :

  •   We offer Daytime, evening and Weekend session for Auto Enrolment Training course