In order to run a business, there are a number of duties you will have – as well as legal and financial responsibilities. It is a good practice to know what information you need to send to HMRC and what details of the financial information you need to give to an auditor or accountant.

This course offers entrepreneurs, small business owners and management teams an introduction to bookkeeping, helping them get to grips with key accounting concepts and become more confident when dealing with small business accounting & book-keeping issues. This course gives you a skill set that includes the day-to-day financial operations tasks carried out by small- to medium-sized businesses.

   Who is it for?

This course has been designed for those who did not go to business school, who wants to learn how to run a successful bookkeeping system, who does not need to keep internal accountants or outsource their bookkeeping services but having spent the time to review and understand material that will help build a better business. This course will give any business owners excellent insight into the basic accounting & bookkeeping procedures.

   Course Syllabus :

  •    Introduction to bookkeeping accounting software,
  •    How to set up the accounting system,
  •    How to create customer and supplier contacts,
  •    How to produce monthly management accounts and profit & loss accounts,
  •    Invoicing – information on what to do with purchase invoices, how to create a sales invoice and how to issue sales invoices to customers,
  •    Cash flow and Budgeting – a guide on how to improve cash flow, how to forecast cash flow, how to do a bank reconciliation of finances and how to draw up and manage a budget,
  •    Credit Control – an introduction to credit control, including how to request payments and chase payments from late-paying customers,
  •    Preparing and filling VAT return,
  •    Managing Accounts payable and receivable,
  •    Petty Cash, Stock Control and Balance Sheets.

  Why Choose Us?

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Upon completion of this training, you will get a certificate of completion from Flacon Training.

   Study Option :

   Classroom Based  :

  •    We offer daytime and weekend session for Bookkeeping for business owners courses.

   Online Learning  :

  •    Student will be able to study from anywhere, anytime via live Interactive online classes.

   Class Duration :

  •    2 Days.