• Working through a series of creative exercises that focus on the basic design principles in Graphic Design, you will create exciting visual solutions by learning to take risks and push your ideas forward. There will be an emphasis on an experimental approach to generating images and type by using cut n’ paste collage techniques, drawing and the use of photography. These ideas will be developed further by your response to challenging design briefs that could result in; poster design, magazine covers, branding, advertising, logo design etc. Please note this is not a computer course although computers may be used for online demonstrations or scanning purposes.

   Career Opportunities :

  •   Designer.
  •   Producer.
  •   Creative.
  •   Art Director.
  •   Arts and Culture Adviser.
  •   Visual Merchandising Manager.
  •   Communications Writer.
  •   Social Media Planner
  •   Head of Design.
  •   Senior User Experience Designer.
  •   Animators.
  •   Editorial Designer.
  •   Production Co-ordinator.

   What jobs will I qualify for?

Upon completion this training you will be ready for jobs in the areas of  :

  •    Junior Bookkeeper.
  •    Assistant accountant.
  •    Junior purchase ledger clerk.
  •    Junior Sales ledger clerk.
  •    All access level bookkeeping jobs.

   What will you achieve by the end of this course?

  •   Understand the basic design principles in Graphic Design.
  •   Have an understanding of layout design.
  •   Demonstrate an awareness of effective visual communication.
  •   Critically evaluate personnel design work in order to develop ideas further.
  •   Present visual ideas in a sketchbook form.

   Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone with basic IT knowledge can join this course.

   Course Syllabus :

  •   Introduction to Graphic and Media Design.
  •   Typography and application.
  •   Layout of type and images.
  •   The use of colour and composition.
  •   Generating and manipulating images using experimental techniques.
  •   Image manipulation and design using Photoshop.
  •   Generating and designing vector graphics using Illustrator.
  •   Page layout and design using InDesign.
  •   Critically evaluating work and portfolio selection.

   Which adobe software will cover?

  •    Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe Illustrator CS.

   Assessment :

  •    Your work will be assessed through projects or portfolios, with written papers or research journals and on some courses, examinations. You will be graded according to a set of marking criteria that relate to such things as research, subject knowledge, methodology, and your capacity to analyse and reflect on your achievements. We believe that assessment helps you plan future work and develop new ideas. So don’t be afraid of assessment – it is the way to progress.

   Why Choose Us?

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Upon completion of this training, you will get a certificate of completion from Flacon Training.

   Class Duration :

  •   Classroom based: 6 weeks
  •   Online based: 6 weeks
  • Upon completion of this course student is entitled for free one-to-one mock interview session with our career expert.