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This course is designed to provide basic understanding of accounting software, payroll procedures and business transactions.

The course will include :

Level 1 Award in Computerized Bookkeeping target individuals who are willing to start off their career in computerized accounting or aim to begin their studies in the relevant field.

Level 1 qualification is designed for those who are :

  •    Planning to peruse their studies in the field of computerized accounting.
  •    Learners who are currently employed at junior level and want acquire skills by getting affiliated with recognised institute.
  •    Learners who are willing to switch their career field.
  •    Learners who want to continue their study or willing to work after study.
  •   Small businessmen who are willing to acquire knowledge of computerized accounting system.

This qualification is made up of the following units:

Introduction to computerised accounting – D/508/5836

  •   Understand the basics of computerised accounting
  •   Understand accounting terms
  •   Recognise source documents
  •   Understand the basics of the VAT system

Set up a computerised accounting system and process data – Y/508/5849

  •   Set up a computerised accounting system
  •   Process credit based transactions
  •   Process cash sales and sundry income
  •   Process receipts from credit customers
  •   Process payments to credit suppliers
  •   Process payments through the bank current account
  •   Process petty cash transactions
  •   Reconcile the balance on the bank current account
  •   Generate reports

Download full qualification detail