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Introduces payroll record keeping and processing using commercially available computerised software, giving the candidate the necessary underpinning knowledge and skills to record financial payroll transactions in a manual and computerised environment and in line with Real Time Information requirements.

The qualification is made up of:

1.   Online Knowledge Test
2.   Online assignment

Key information:

50 GLH (Guided Learning Hours)
115 hours TQT (Total Qualification Time)

The course outline comprises of :

Online Knowledge tests are a series of independent short answer questions made up of multiple choice, gap fill, and true or false type questions. They are assessed via IABOnline and are open book. This might be taken in class or at home

Online Assignments are also assessed via IABOnline and are also open book. These are taken in class or at home and are short case study type questions with several tasks for each case study

This qualification is made up of the following units:

Principles of Payroll Preparation – Y/616/9096

  •   Understand fundamental employment and data protection legislation relevant to payroll
  •   Understand what constitutes gross pay for different payroll periods including leavers
  •   Understand the difference between statutory and voluntary deductions.
  •   Understand the principles of the PAYE & NIC systems in the UK.
  •   Understand the information required to prepare and submit an employee payroll record under HMRC Real Time Information regulations
  •   Understand the internal and external procedures required for finalising the payroll
  •   Understand HMRC reporting requirements

Fundamentals of Payroll Processing –D/616/9097

  •   Be able to calculate gross pay for different payroll periods and situations
  •   Be able to determine the amount of income tax to be deducted from Gross Pay
  •   Be able to determine the amount of National Insurance Contributions to be deducted from Gross Pay
  •   Be able to apply voluntary deductions
  •   Be able to complete internal and statutory procedures for a leaver
  •   Be able to produce the necessary payroll forms and summaries

Computerised Payroll Processing – H/616/9098

  •   Be able to set up a computerised payroll system using commercially available payroll software
  •   Be able to set up employee records and payroll data on a computerised payroll system
  •   Be able to prepare and enter details of gross pay into the computerised payroll system
  •   Be able to process the payroll
  •   Be able to back up and/or restore payroll data

Download full qualification detail