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Level 2 Award in Computerised Payroll is designed to introduce the use of payroll software on commercial scale and how it is useful in maintaining business information.

The course outline comprises of :

  •   Online knowledge test.
  •   Examination
  •    Learners who are willing to gain the qualification of payroll.
  •    Learners who have qualified at Level 2.
  •    Those who have qualified in IAB Level 1 in Computerised Payroll, IAB Level 1 Award in Payroll or IAB Level 1 Award in Computerised Payroll for business.
  •    Those who are undertaking an apprenticeship in Payroll at Level 2.
  •    Those who wants to acquire knowledge before entering the corporate world.

This qualification is made up of the following units:

Principles of computerised payroll legislation and processing – J/50/5782

  •   Understand data protection and data security legislation in relation to payroll
  •   Understand the general principles of legislation relating to processing the payroll
  •   Understand the information required to prepare an employee payroll record
  •   Understand what constitutes gross pay for different payroll periods
  •   Understand the principles of PAYE and NIC legislation and operation using commercially available computerised payroll software
  •   Understand the requirements for processing and submitting payroll information using commercially available payroll software
  •   Understand the procedures to adopt when dealing with a leaver
  •   Understand the Statutory additions and deductions from pay that can be made using commercially available payroll software
  •   Understand the need to complete period end payroll reports within a given timescale

Computerised Payroll Processing – H/508/5787

  •   Be able to set up and maintain company, pension and employee records using commercially available payroll software
  •   Be able to process payroll accurately for a variety of pay periods using organisational procedures and timescales
  •   Be able to produce statutory and non-statutory reports
  •   Be able to back up and restore data when required

Download full qualification detail