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This course target individuals who are willing to acquire knowledge of payroll and commercially available software to prepare, process and submit payroll data.

The course outline comprises of :

  •   Online knowledge test.
  •   Examination
  •    Learners who have qualified at IAB Level 2 Award in Computerised Payroll Processing or Level 2 Certificate in Payroll.
  •    Learners who are willing to gain practical knowledge of commercially used payroll software.

This qualification is made up of the following units:

Principles of legislation and payroll preparation – J/508/5815

  •   Understand legislation as it applies to payroll
  •   Understand what constitutes gross pay for a range of pay periods and situations
  •   Understand statutory deduction legislation

Computerised Payroll Administration – T/508/5812

  •   Computerised Payroll Administration – T/508/5812
  •   Be able to set up and maintain employee records within a computerised payroll system
  •   Be able to enter details of gross pay elements into the computerised payroll system
  •   Be able to enter details of voluntary and statutory deductions
  •   Be able to process the payroll within given timescales
  •   Be able to reconcile the payroll and produce internal and external reports according to given timescales

Download full qualification detail