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The course aims to provide learners with advanced techniques to make accounting adjustments, prepare financial statements and management reports.

The course outline comprises of :

  •    Learners who have completed IAB Level 2 Award in Computerized Bookkeeping.
  •    Those who are willing to peruse their career in accounting.
  •    Small business owners who are willing to maintain accounts by optimizing accounting software.

This qualification is made up of the following units:

Principles of advanced computerised accounting -J/508/5846

  •   Understand the purpose of accounting concepts and standards, and recognise the qualitative characteristics of financial information
  •   Understand the basics of computerised accounting
  •   Understand terms used in accounting
  •   Understand the purpose of VAT Accounts and the VAT return
  •   Understand the process of accounting for a stock valuation
  •   Understand the process of accounting for fixed assets
  •   Understand the process of accounting for prepayments and accruals
  •   Understand the process of accounting for bad and doubtful debts
  •   Understand the purpose of a trial balance and a suspense account
  •   Understand the purpose of financial statements
  •   Understand the principles of accounting for partnerships
  •   Understand the purposes of budgeting

Set up a computerised accounting system and process data – Y/508/5849

  •   Use a computerised accounting package – D/508/6629
  •   Set up a computerised accounting system
  •   Enter business transactions
  •   Prepare and post journal entries
  •   Account for a stock valuation
  •   Account for fixed assets
  •   Account for prepayments and accruals
  •   Account for bad and doubtful debts
  •   Make end of period adjustments
  •   Amend the chart of accounts and generate reports

Download full qualification detail