Sage 50 Accounts:

i) Sage 50 Accounts Training Level 1:

This course is beneficial for individuals who are willing to start-up their own business and want to take control of business finances by using computerised accounting software.

ii) Sage 50 Accounts Training Level 2:

The Level 2 course is designed to enhance skills of individuals who have completed Level 1. This course aims to develop skills to produces invoices and manage businesses’ accounts.

iii) Sage 50 Accounts Training Level 3:

Level 3 course aims to develop skills to manage advanced Saga 50 account software. In this course candidates will learn advanced accounting skills, including functions in accountancy of VAT returns and the government gateway, cash flow management, advanced credit control and final accounts for traders, companies and partnerships.

iv) Sage all in one course:

This course cater individuals who are new to bookkeeping and accounting and are willing to polish up their skills in Sage. This course is designed to cover level 1-3 of Stage 50 Computerised Accounting.

v) Sage First track:

This course is designed to cover first 3 stages of Computerized Sage 50 Accounts programmes. This course is beneficial for individuals who are willing to enhance their employability skills by acquiring relevant Sage knowledge.

Sage Payroll:

i) Sage Payroll Training Level 1:

The Sage Payroll Training Level 1 equips candidates with skills which are essential to carry out a role as a payroll administrator. The course covers basic aspects of payroll including setting up company’s details to process payroll and producing reports.

ii) Sage Payroll Training Level 2:

This course is intended for candidates who have completed Computerised Payroll Level 1 qualification. This training involves basic understanding of payroll functions and advanced tasks including calculating sick pay, maternity pay and pension scheme.

iii) Sage 50 Payroll Training Level 3:

This three level course deals with handling the advanced operations in Sage 50 Payroll functions including SSP and SMP.

iv) Sage Payroll all in one course:

This course is designed to offer comprehensive training and in-depth knowledge of payroll software. After the completion of the course, candidates will get hands-on experience on basic principles of Sage 50 Payroll, including navigation, set up and getting started with legislation.

v) Sage Payroll First track:

This exclusive course is designed for those who are willing to perform accounting duties by gaining industry’s knowledge on regular basis. This course welcome individuals who desire to polish up their skills by getting enrolled in a four-day Saga Computerized payroll program.

Xero Training:

Xero Training aims to provide skills for Xero Accounting software. The course is designed for small to medium scale businessmen who are willing to manage their business finances by optimising Xero accounting software.

Sap Training – Financial Controlling (FICO):

Sap training program is designed to provide knowledge for managing financial, accounting asset and production operations in the field of Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO).